FT01 - Be A Maverick At Work

Posted by Mitch Joel on March 16, 2007

Welcome to episode #1 of Foreword Thinking - The Business and Motivational Book Review Podcast presented by HarperCollins Canada.

We're finally out to the public and we're all very excited about this first episode. We've also got the founding partner and former editor of Fast Company Magazine, Bill Taylor, in conversation about his newest book, Mavericks At Work - Why The Most Original Minds In Business Win, which he co-authored with Polly LaBarre. And, if that was not enough, we're giving away a great HarperCollins Canada four-pack of books - all you have to do is answer the "skill-testing" question. Enough talk, let's take a listen...

Book Information

Mavericks at Work by William C. Taylor & Polly G. LaBarre

Mavericks at Work

Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win
By William C. Taylor & Polly G. LaBarre

Show Notes

Welcome To Foreword Thinking: The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast

Posted by Mitch Joel on March 16, 2007

A while back I was contacted by HarperCollins Canada about the possibility of creating a Podcast on the topic of business and personal development (motivational) books. The timing was perfect as I was grappling with the Montreal Business Book Review's future. The Montreal Business Book Review email list has over two hundred Montreal business professionals on it, but each month, our discussions would be attended by four-twelve enthusiasts. While that amount is perfect for a lively discussion, it was unclear how to get the word out on a bigger scale.

HarperCollins Canada and Twist Image are proud to launch Foreword Thinking: The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast and I am your host. We're looking at publishing every two weeks and each episode will feature conversations with some of the best and brightest business and personal development thinkers in the world. There will also be a news segment, book reviews, lots of cool contests and, of course, the ability for you to participate.

I hope you enjoy this content, but it won’t evolve or get any better without your voice Please feel free to join the community via audio comments and emails with your feedback..